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An email from Germany regarding hyperthermia clinics 26/8/15:

Good Morning Stephen

I am very glad you wrote before your surgery.
We have a great alternative for you. The trans-uretheral prostate hyperthermia is painless and has no side effects so you do not lose any function.
We have a 100% initial response rate – meaning the PSA goes back to zero within a few months and any urinary issues clear up immediately and permanently after the first treatment. They say 10% of men will see the PSA rise again after a few years – if that happens you just repeat the procedure. For 90% of men they never have to do any further treatment.

We do no even require biopsies, because every time they cut into you ( needle aspirations, core biopsies, surgery ) some cancer cells leak into the blood and lymph fluid and this is one way that cancer spreads. We do not feel it is worth the risk. As long as your cancer is confined to the prostate you are eligible for this treatment. ( If it is outside the prostate, you’d have to come for 3 weeks and get more intense treatment).

The treatment course is for one week and we provide a 2 month supply of natural medicines to take home. Cost includes pick up and take back to the Munich airport, room and organic meals and all treatments and follow up. It is 6000 Euro, plus another 80 E daily for a companion.

If you are interested, please email me your last PSA report and the summary page from your pathology report. Send them in PDF FORMAT ONLY.
DO NOT hit Reply – send in a brand new email. The doctor will review them and email you the next day with a treatment plan. You could make your reservation then. We are booking for the first part of October.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Marla Manhart, Director of Patient Services
Phone: 941.929.7317 Florida, USA
Hours: 9 am – 5 pm EASTERN TIME
Please note we cannot open Zip or jpeg files –
records should be sent in Word or PDF only.


American author Andrew Scholberg has written a book called “German Cancer Breakthrough – Your Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics” in which he recounts his visits to and evaluations of ten cancer clinics in Germany and Switzerland.

He first visited them in 2007, then again in 2010, when he revised the first edition of this book and released the second edition in 2011. It’s a fascinating insight into alternative cancer treatments which, while outlawed in America, are readily available in Germany and Switzerland and have amazing success rates according to the author’s investigations. On Page 91 of the following link you will read about Professor Dr Adem Gunes, who for ma fee will provide advice on the best clinic for you to attend. You can contact him on, or visit his website: Please click on: German Hyperthermia Clinics

They include:

•  Hyperthermia

•  Insulin potentiation therapy  (IPT)

• Mistletoe therapy

• Fever therapy

• Vitamin C and selenium by IV drip

•  Ozone therapy

•  Oxygen therapy

• Magnetic-field therapy

• Homeopathic therapy

• Detoxification therapy

• Colonic hydrotherapy

• Enzyme therapy

• Nutritional support

Scholberg describes all these therapies and recounts the results achieved, which appear remarkable. One of the clinics using hyperthermia treatment for prostate cancer claims a success rate of 100%.

Scholberg’s book is available from and


Clicking on the link immediately below will open a paper entitled “Integrative Oncology”. Written by Austrian Doctor Ralf Kleef, it outlines the approaches to cancer treatment undertaken in his clinic at Vienna-Hietzing.

Hyperthermia is one of the treatments extensively described. After reading it, please press your browser’s “Back” button to return to this page.

Kleef Institute Austria