Warning Note

Note of warning: Dr Bard has formed a partnership with Drs Futterrer and Sperling who perform a procedure called “MRI-Guided Prostate Laser Ablation, a minimally invasive treatment for prostate tumors that dramatically reduces risk of impotence and incontinence by creating “safety zones” to avoid vital organs directly related to a man’s quality of life. This revolutionary new procedure utilizes detailed prostate images generated from an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to precisely plan the treatment and visualize the tumor ablation (destruction) in real time. Performed on an outpatient basis, the treatment is an effective method to eradicate the primary tumor. The procedure requires no surgery, anesthesia or catheter. Completed in about one hour, the procedure can be repeated if necessary and does not preclude any future prostate therapies.”. If you were in NYC and in a rush this could suit you – visit: www.sperlingprostatecenter.com. This therapy costs about US$35,000, can be done in a day, there is no history of side effects (claimed to be nil), nor whether it is a cure. Therefore, Dr Bard is no longer the independent advisor and supporter of watchful waiting, based on the use of his patented anti oxidants/beta-sitosterol supplements, etc, that he has been for many years.


National Institute of Health says stop: Dr Snuffy Myers advised 8/12/11, that at a Washington, DC, NIH conference, early December, it was revealed that surgery for Gleason 6, or lower actually took more lives than it saved – see below.


Ultrasound address: Dr Sean O’Connor, Coastal Medical Imaging, 724 Nicklin Way, Currimundi, Q 07 5413 5000, info@coastalxray.com.au, is trained in prostate ultrasound scans, spent 5 days training with Dr Bard January, 2012 – Sean is a Canadian, trained at Stanford and Toronto Universities. 3 men went to have scans early November 2011. DVDs of the scans were then sent to Dr Bard who compared the scans with his records (of the same 3 men) and is reasonably happy with Dr O’Connor’s work – though he complains his own 18MHz 195 degree model is better than Sean’s 10MHz 145 degree. Since then Sean has spent $100,000 updating his scanner to Bard’s standard.


Dr Bard presented his report to the JFR 2011 conference, September, in Paris. You will see in the Methods and Results paragraphs that Bard uses a single tissue Gleason grade out of 5, rather than the more usual (average of) 2 tissues = total score out of 10. As you can see that for those with low grade tumour he reports an 87% improvement with an anti-oxidant + vit D diet. You can do much better than that if you are prepared to work on your lifestyle, and full range of supplements as well.

Prostate_Cancer_Dr_Bard (Word doc)

While Bard is not specific, we understand the “non responders … were referred to alternative treatments possibly were sent to see Dr F Douwes at the Klinik St. Georg, Bad Aibling, 45 minute drive south of Munich, visit:


Note foot of first page “For localized prostate cancers (those within the prostate gland), St. George offers a one week trans-urethral hyperthermia treatment that has a 100% cure rate.” That’s very impressive and stacks up very well relative to the high return rate of PCa after a radical prostatectomy – currently 25% – to say nothing of the dreadful side effects caused by prostatectomies, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. Visit:




Please also visit:



Dr Sean O’Connor’s site is:


His scan is a superior and affordable substitute for PSA test – now sidelined by the US Government Authority, following the NIH Conference.


Please read the David Froggatt attachment – he is the first man who has been scanned by Bard to confirm substantial cancer (dx in Sydney as Gleason 9, was told: “…dead in a year.”) followed immediately by hyperthermia at St George then a second confirmation scan by Bard, a week later, that all cancer was removed. All this for E6,000 + air fares. Dr Phil Stricker charges more than $30,000, so this approach is a bargain and the beer that Prof Douwes insists you drink between treatments (to help flush out the dead cancer cells) is good too.


You should consider the new cancer paradigm which is: We have identified a cancer, that’s a symptom of the disease. Let’s leave it alone and treat the cancer by boosting your immune system. For more information on how to treat PCa with a diet change visit Roger Mason’s site: http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/bio2002/mason.html


Diet: There are many excellent books on appropriate diets to cure cancer (refer to those at the foot of this article). One such diet used by a few members of this organisation is the attachment “Prostate cancer 2010 diet.doc”. After a thorough reading of the recommended texts you will see there is general agreement on what constitutes an anti-cancer diet. It then only remains to lose most of your surplus weight (get down to near your weight when you played sport as a late teenager), avoid stress and negative people as much as possible, exercise 10-20 minutes 3-4 times per week. Stop and smell the daisies, or meditate on how wonder life is now that you are on your way back to a fully functioning immune system. Do things that are delightful, spend time with your family members, do good things for others.  An interesting development/side effect reported by some is the disappearance of minor opportunistic skin eruptions such as tinea, jock itch, influenza becomes a 24 hour disease – all because your immune system is in great shape and knocks off the intruders.


It worked for many, with other helpful changes such as substantial reductions in gland size, eg, in the instance of a contributor: “…now only 20ccs (confirmed by Dr O’Connor last August) when it was more than 30ccs when first scanned 3 years ago.” This reduces the pressure on the bladder that otherwise gets you up during the night for a pee.

Chew food down to a fluid state, stop drinking other fluids 20 mins before a meal and for 30 mins after a meal to allow your digestive system to work at full strength – diluting it later is ok, red wine with a meal is ok.

To be confident that you are doing everything to boost your immune system and rid yourself of cancer check your diet and supplements with an expert nutritionist such as:

Tabitha McIntosh, Awaken Your Health, Level 1 101-103 Queen St, Woollahra, NSW, 2025, 0421 921 469,  http://www.awakenyourhealth.com.au/contact

Garth Harris, Comprehensive Health, 15 Hill Street,  Roseville, NSW, 2069, (02) 9411 2029.