prostate cancer graphPlease Please refer to chapter 4, p50 of OVERDIAGNOSED, Drs Gilbert Welch, Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin, that reveals that about 80% of men our age have some degree of PCa, but only 3% will die of it. This leaves an enormous number of men able to be misdiagnosed. The only matter to be decided is what degree of PCa is present and having measured that, determinig whether it will kill you before you die of something else. That’s where Sean O’Connor’s machine comes in. He can measure the amount of blood supply to any cancer areas. If blood supply is nil, or low, it means the cancer will either not grow, or will grow so slowly you will die of something else (like heart failure, old age, etc). In the unlikely event Dr O’Connor finds very active cancer that might kill you soon you can then decide whether to take the alternative diet/lifestyle/supplements route, or go to one of the two clinics in Germany – see below – and have it removed by hyperthermia. The Klinik St Georg is featured in the 2 hour movie “Cancer is Curable NOW” – I have a copy on my Dropbox, but it is 856MB – I do not know how to give you online access, but you are welcome to come in and copy it.

 The ultrasound scan will provide 95% certainty. In addition Dr O’Connor and Dr Bard (in NYC) both recommend a DCE-MRI (Dynamic Contrast Enhanced). This requires the injection of a contrasting agent, gadolinium during the scan. Further specifications are: no anal coil, diffusion and spectroscopy small voxel. This increases certainty to 97%. These MRI scans are now generally available. New Tesla 3 machines give finer resolution, in fact down to 15 microns = 0.015mm. The contrast enhancer, gadolinium, enables the scan to show how fast blood disperses from a blood vessel. It reveals if the vessel was constructed to feed a cancer lesion, or is just a normal part of the gland’s blood supply. Together with ultrasound you get a pretty detailed picture of what is happening in the gland without annoying/inflaming it by more aggressive diagnosis. After, say, 12 months of antioxidant diet/supplements/lifestyle, etc, a follow up US and DCE-MRI gives you great confidence that your cancer is under control, i.e. not expanding. Remember you may well have had it for decades before something caused you to look more closely.