The Cancer Industry

WARNING: New prostate scam aims to upgrade you straight to surgery

The word is out: The entire $13-billion-a-year prostate cancer industry was built on the back of a massive lie.

I broke open this scam DECADES ago, and was treated like a pariah for my troubles. Of course today, the mainstream admits I was right all along — and now, even official guidelines say prostate cancer doesn’t need to be screened.

But if you think an industry worth that much cash is going to quietly close shop and quit town — if you think all those surgeons and clinics that specialize in prostate cancer are going to find a new line of work — I’ve got a warning you HAVE to see and share.

It’s the myth of “”watch and wait.””

It sounds so reasonable, doesn’t it? Let’s just keep an eye on it, right?


A watched pot may never boil, but a watched tumor WILL eventually get an upgrade — and when it does, your doc will pounce like a cat that’s done toying with its mouse.

For him, it’s not “”watch and wait.”” It’s “”watch, wait… and operate,”” because he’s still planning to squeeze every cent he can out of your poor prostate, even if it takes a little longer than it used to.

But if your own tumor’s been upgraded, there’s a new study you need to see before you sign up for surgery — because it shows that many men on “”watch and wait”” can keep right on waiting.

Those who do so see no further upgrade over 5 years by a 2:1 margin.

Among those who have surgery, a post-op biopsy finds that just 6 percent had tumors that continued to progress, while 34 percent were actually DOWNGRADED again.

The rest held steady.

So skip the scalpel when you can, and that’s most of the time. Fact is, if a tumor’s going to kill you, it’s probably already too late — because deadly prostate cancers are almost never spotted in time.

Don’t lose any sleep over that; those kinds of tumors are exceedingly rare.

The rest — the tumors you’re far more likely to have — grow so slowly that you’ll see a manned mission to Pluto before they have a chance to do you in.

That’s why this is one time when your best bet is old-fashioned ignorance. Ignorance usually isn’t worth celebrating — but when it comes to prostate cancer, it really is bliss.

Watching and waiting,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

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The Robert Scott Bell Show July 18, 2013

Is the cancer industry really a scam to separate you from your money, as you get sick from the very things that global corporations sell you? Is it really a chemotherapy deficiency disease? Do you really lack ionizing radiation in your life? Is it just that you have not had enough surgery in your life? When you step back from Cancer Inc., you begin to see the economic imperative built into the war on cancer in keeping you largely ignorant of its true cause. Yes, modern medicine is a significant source of cancer on planet earth. If that offends you, they’ve got some chemo-cola with aspartame to quench your thirst. They also have an injectable delight filled with heavy metals, foreign genetic material, antibiotics and formaldehyde to calm you down. Should you be diagnosed with cancer, do you run for or from the nearest oncologist? In most cases, running from the cancer docs would be the wisest thing you could do for your survival. Oncologists are known to even tell you that you have cancer when you don’t (video linked here). Be safe. How? Stay away from doctors unless you are Humpty Dumpty and they need to put you together again. Other than that, give them a wide berth.

A stunning new study was published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Why is it stunning? What does it reveal? What if millions of cancer cases over the last 30 years were not even cancer? What if the oncological intervention and treatment caused death that would not have occurred otherwise? This is a scandal of gigantic proportions! However, much like the publication of the Starfield Report (JAMA 2000) revealed a bare minimum 106,000 Americans die each year to FDA-approved drugs, properly prescribed, dosed and ingested, nothing much has changed. No congressional hearings. Barely a mainstream media mention. What the National Cancer Institute study reveals is nothing short of shocking, at least to those who blindly participate in fundraising campaigns for cancer awareness. From Sayer Ji’s excellent overview at Green Med Info: The burgeoning pink ribbon-bedecked ‘breast cancer awareness’ industry will be forced to reformulate its message, as it is theoretically culpable for the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of millions of US women by propagating an entirely false concept of ‘cancer.’ Are you prepared to live in a world without cancer? If so, it’s time to unplug from the oncological matrix and medical monopoly.

Remember in 1935 Upton Sinclair summed up the problem you are facing very neatly when he wrote “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.”