What they are saying about
The Natural Prostate Cure

“Hurray, Hallelujah, and Happy Prostate! Finally, someone has taken the years and done the work, so the rest of us no longer need suffer from ignorance as to how to have good prostate health. That someone is Roger Mason, and all that one needs to know in order to have a happy prostate has been distilled down into this one book. I would stake the health of my prostate on it, and can tell you as a prostate cancer survivor; it is the ONLY way to go.”
– Dirk Benedict, actor (The A-Team; Battlestar Gallactica; etc.)
(Dirk cured his prostate cancer more than 20 years ago, naturally, with no medical treatment. He wrote his story in Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy.)


“This is must-reading for anyone with prostate disease who wants to take responsibility for his healing of this epidemic problem. Roger Mason has done his homework and this ‘cutting edge’ information should be read by laymen and professionals alike.”
– Ken Malik, President,
Prostate Awareness Society, San Francisco, CA


“By his thorough research of the world’s medical literature, Roger Mason has made an outstanding contribution to preserving prostate health, using natural therapies. His exhaustive investigations leave no doubt that prostate disease has been maltreated, and [that] mainstream therapies [are] dangerous and ineffective. A void too long ignored is filled, and the natural treatments work better”
– E.W. McDonagh, McDonagh Medical Center, Kansas City, MO

“At 64 I was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. By eating better foods, taking natural supplements and raising some of my fallen hormone levels my cancer was cured in less than two years. This was verified by my physician with both an MRI and a sono­gram. I’ve never felt better and expect to live another ten GOOD years.”
–Robert Young, Plainfield, NJ


“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson