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Ethics of the Medical Fraternity: If you think you do not need to take control of your PCa because modern medicine is ethical, moral and error free please visit:

Remember in 1935 Upton Sinclair summed up the problem you are facing very neatly when he wrote “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.”

Subject: Dr. Burzynski is under attack, again.

Dear Friends,

“Dr. Burzynski of Houston Texas is one of the doctors I featured in my book “KNOCKOUT, Doctors who are Curing Cancer.”

It boggles the mind why the authorities continue to harass this pioneer, this caring doctor who has saved so many lives. We need to embrace the idea that there is more than one way to tackle a problem. Cancer is a huge problem and a big business.

It’s very difficult for those scientists, not paid by big business, who have discovered or developed a new protocol , (another option), differing from Standard of Care orthodox cancer treatment to be taken seriously. Almost immediately when word gets out of a doctor who is having success without standard of care the malicious discrediting begins. Those who choose to dare suggest there might be another way, a better way, or a different way are usually harassed and in many cases as with Dr. Burzynski, threatened to have their businesses ruined.

Dr. Burzynski has had a 60% success rate with the worst kinds of brain cancers in both adults and children and tremendous success with liver, lung, bladder and all other cancers. This is huge yet he gets no credit in mainstream medicine because it doesn’t fit into their ‘cut, burn, poison’ protocol.

The authorities, usually backed by big business; malign, ridicule and make it from very difficult to impossible for these doctors to continue to offer their discoveries. Read about Dr. Burzynski in my book, KNOCKOUT, or watch the two documentaries about Dr. Burzynski, created by an independent film maker—BURZYNSKI: Cancer is Serious Business Parts I and II. You will hear from the patients themselves what he has done to change and save their lives.

Dr. Burzynski and his team create personalized, targeted cancer treatment plans for each patient they see. This is based on the cancer patient’s activated cancer genes (or genetic targets). Rather than a “one size fits all” approach, Dr. Burzynski is utilizing technologies that give him the ability to customize a combination of therapies most appropriate for the cancer related genes he finds in each patient. Mainstream medicine and mainstream media call personalized medicine “the future in cancer treatments,” yet many doctors are still tailoring treatments to the “cancer organ” (colon, breast, prostate, lung) rather than tailoring treatments to the “cancer genes” causing the cancer to appear in the organ in the first place. That is where the Burzynski Clinic is unique.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer of any kind then his protocol is an important one to consider. My book and the two documentaries by Eric Merola are compelling.

Dr. Burzynski follows in the footsteps of many a great pioneer but the road to acceptance is arduous and treacherous. Arming yourself with more information will allow you to make a more informed decision for either yourself or your loved one.

The greatest thing I ever did for myself was not to take the advice of my well-meaning and lovely doctors who wanted me to take chemotherapy. Instead I did my own research and came up with another way. I balanced my hormones with bioidenticals, took Iscador, (made from mistletoe extract), decided that diet was paramount for me and that in order to live I required good nutrition. No exceptions.

Each of us is different, cancer is so prevalent now that knowing there are doctors out there who are thinking ‘outside of the box” gives us hope in what is usually a hopeless diagnosis.

Look up Dr. Burzynski. Know that websites are full of hate mongers who don’t want him to succeed. I’ve been there. I have seen the results. I have interviewed his patients. Does everyone live? No. No one has a 100% success rate, especially since nearly ALL of his patients are late-stage or hospice bound, but his successes are more than not. Go to a website ran by former patients. You will find a collection of former terminal patients who were saved by going to Dr. Burzynski This is not an exhaustive list, but rather just the patients who wanted their very personal stories publically told.

What strikes me most when I visit his impressive clinic are patients who are getting well and not suffering and tortured as those you see in chemo IV stations in orthodox hospitals.

Check it out. Knowledge is power. When it comes to cancer, it’s your life. No one will care about you as much as you, so you owe it to yourself to be as informed as possible in order to be able to make the right choices for yourself.

I wish you good luck and much love.

And to Dr. Burzynski; keep on, don’t ever give up. We need scientists like yourself to move the care and treatment of cancer forward and not stuck in a useless, tortuous protocol that we see with so many today.


Suzanne Somers

Over the last 3 years the evidence on this website, together with hundreds of other relevant studies have been formally and informally offered to Sydney University cancer researchers, The BOSCH Clinic, Sydney University, The Garvan Institute (3 different approaches). One of our organisation approached the Medical Faculty, Sydney University, with an offer to fund a PhD student to write a summary of the latest studies on PCa. No response from any of them!

Be analytically cynical, it will empower you to find the best alternative for you.